About Us

It all started with a lousy pair of socks.

In fact, it really started with a poor recommendation that led to the lousy socks.  You see, one day, I was looking for a new pair of socks and landed on an article from a national publication.  In the article, the magazine stated that these were “hands down, the best socks.” 

I trusted their recommendation; they are a widely distributed publication after all.  So, I whipped out my credit card, bought the pair of socks they recommended and was left with utter disappointment.

You see, I am an avid walker. It’s something I do religiously every day to keep my mind clear and my body healthy.  This walk takes precisely 5.2 miles.  

After wearing these “award-winning socks” for only a few weeks, I was sorely disappointed in the performance.  Not only did they leave lint all over my toes, but they also wore down so quickly that they needed to be replaced in under a month.

I was upset; I felt lied to.  

Funny enough, I wasn’t upset about the waste of money, but rather the waste of time, performance, and disappointment in the product and ultimately the so-called ‘recommendation’ that this publication made.  You see, I, like many others, trust this magazine to deliver quality and researched content. However, they did the polar opposite.  They recommended a poor product they never touched, analyzed, or tested.  

In short, they put profits before readers.

This problem needs to be fixed.  

I promise to do the exact opposite of the ‘norm’ regarding product reviews, articles, and research for this site.  From socks to shoes and everything else beneath the knees, we will be obsessively thorough in providing you with transparent and honest guides that you can trust.

To further our commitment to unbiased reviews, all products featured on this site have been paid for out of our pocket. We never accept free products.  In fact, if a company does send us free products, we bring them straight to the local donation center to help those in need.  

Our mission is to make Beneath the Knees the premier destination for all footwear recommendations and guidance.  

We hope that you find our articles and reviews helpful and informative. But, most importantly, we hope that Beneath the Knees is a site you keep coming back to for insightful recommendations.