What are House Socks?

House socks are very similar to your standard crew sock.  However, house socks differ in their overall comfort and design details.

House socks will have a relaxed fit that is often paired with softer or more luxurious fabric, including cotton, wool, shearling, or polyester.  Additionally, house socks often have a much thicker cushion on the sole to compensate for the lack of support that shoes and slippers offer.  Lastly, house socks have a more pleasing appearance, often featuring a waffle or cable knitting.  

Who should wear house socks?

House socks are well suited for those who live in colder climates and want to keep their feet warm.  Additionally, house socks are a good alternative to slippers.  The reason why some may choose a house sock over the slippers is that they are washable.

Can you wear house socks repeatedly?

Some people may wear house socks for a day or two.  While there is no immediate harm in doing this, it is suggested that you do clean house socks between wearing.  This will prevent bacteria and odor buildup on your feet or in the sock fabric.

Can you wear house socks with your casual outfit?

There is nothing particularly wrong with wearing house socks with your casual outfit.  However, the problem will be with your shoes.  The thick fabric found in most house socks will make it tough for your feet to fit into shoes.  If you are successful in squeezing your feet into your shoes with house socks on, you may stretch out the shoe permanently.

House socks vs. slipper socks

House socks are also often referred to as slipper socks. However, no formal definition delineates between these two types of socks.  With that being said, house socks tend not to have any rubber grips to the sole, whereas many slipper socks do.  

Rubber grip along the sole helps to provide added stability when walking on slick hardwood floors around your home. 

What brands make house socks?

Here are just a few brands that make house socks:

  • Acorn
  • American Trends
  • Azue
  • Daventry
  • Dearfoams
  • Debra Weitzner
  • Dg Hill
  • Geyoga
  • Goodfellow & Co
  • Heat Holders
  • Hylaea
  • isotoner
  • ​​Jessica Simpson
  • Merino Protect
  • Ontel
  • Ozaiic
  • Rative
  • Scurtain
  • Snoozies
  • Spst
  • Tphon

Where can you buy house socks?

Online stores such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, and more sell house socks.  Additionally, house socks from some of the popular brands including Acorn, isotoner, Dearfoams, and more allow you to purchase house socks directly off their site.

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