Goodfellow & Co Men’s Waffle Crew Socks Review

Goodfellow & Co. is a private menswear brand by Target.  They make affordable socks that showcase many qualities found in the leading brands.

This review will look at the Goodfellow & Co Men’s Waffle Crew Socks.  

Thanks to the cotton base, we found these socks to provide moderate warmth while being plenty breathable.  However, the socks have an aggressive toe seam and no additional cushioning to lessen the impact when walking on hard bathroom tiles or wood flooring.

Construction & Design

Here we’ll explore the height, composition, and more of the Goodfellow & Co Men’s Waffle Crew Socks. 


In line with other crew socks we have reviewed, the Goodfellow & Co Men’s Waffle Crew Socks will extend up the leg approximately 10.5” from heel to cuff.

Goodfellows Lounge Sock Has no Cushioning on the Sole

Fabric Composition

One shining point to these socks is their composition.  The lounge socks are made from the following materials:

  • Cotton – 82%
  • Polyester – 16%
  • Nylon – 1%
  • Spandex – 1%

The reliance on largely natural fibers allows them to be breathable, ensuring that your feet never feel too hot or cold – perfect for casual house wear or sleeping.


Unlike other socks, the Goodfellow & Co Men’s Waffle Crew Socks feature no branding on the sock’s shin panel, cuff, or sole.  They have no labels.

Performance & Comfort

While a sock may appear nice, how it performs may tell a different story.  Here we review the durability, cushioning, ventilation, and more of these socks.


While our sock hasn’t exhibited any severe signs of wear, particularly on the sole, there are some concerns given the thinness of the material.  The waffle knitting of the fabric is thin, and there is no reinforcement in the heel or toe pockets

We’ll need to see how this sock holds up over the next few months.


One major downside to this sock is the lack of cushion along the sole.  For a house or lounge sock, this is a glaring oversight.  

Here’s a look at the sole for further reference:

Goodfellows Lounge Sock Has no Cushioning on the Sole

Fit Security

Unlike dress socks, lounge socks are naturally looser. The ribbing along the shin panel was not restrictive in any way:

Goodfellows Lounge Sock has a looser shin panel

However, the .75” cuff has a light to moderate firmness to ensure the sock stays put when pulled up.

Odor Control

Unlike other socks that may treat the fabric with a proprietary anti-odor solution or embed silver into the material, the Goodfellow & Co Men’s Waffle Crew Socks have no additional odor control.

However, due to adequate ventilation, odor shouldn’t be a concern, even if you wear the socks multiple times between washings.


The pronounced toe seam is the most significant drawback to the Goodfellow & Co Men’s Waffle Crew Socks.  The seam is quite large and much more noticeable than other socks.

Goodfellows Lounge Sock have a big toe seam

This is a potential problem, particularly if you plan on wearing these socks with a pair of slippers.


Here are a few additional views of the socks:

Goodfellows Lounge Sock style option 1
Goodfellows Lounge Sock style option 3

Washing Requirements

Washing the Goodfellows Lounge Sock is easy; machine wash warm with like colors, tumble dry low.

Color Variety

The pack we purchased was available in three colors: black, charcoal, and gray.  Goodfellow & Co. makes these socks in a few other neutral earthy colors as well.


With a retail price of $13.99, which equates to $4.66 per pair, the value is fair to good.    


Overall the Goodfellow & Co Men’s Waffle Crew Socks are an okay lounge sock.  They excel in breathability and quality composition.  However, the lack of substantial cushioning in the sole and a pronounced toe seam are significant drawbacks.  


  • A quality blend of materials.  
  • Waffle knit allows the socks to be breathable.  
  • A loose shin panel doesn’t cause discomfort to the legs.


  • The toe seam is irritating.  
  • No cushioning to the sole. 

Overall Rating: 2.6/5

Theo Lawson

With a five-year background in men's fashion, Theo Lawson has shifted his focus to the world of socks. To him, socks are more than just a piece of clothing - they're a way to express yourself and make a statement.

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