Hanes Men’s FreshIQ X-Temp Comfort Cool Crew Socks Review

The Hanes Men’s FreshIQ X-Temp Comfort Cool Crew Socks are durable and provide exceptional value.  However, they are not without some drawbacks.

This review will focus on all the critical aspects of the socks, including the design, performance, durability, ventilation, and more.

Construction & Design

Here we’ll explore the height, cushioning, and branding of the Hanes Crew socks.


For a size 10 foot, we found that the Hanes Men’s Crew Socks extend approximately 11.5” up the calf.  This allows the top of the sock to rest right at the middle of the calf.


The Hanes Men’s Crew Socks feature very little additional cushioning along the footbed.  You can expect these socks to wear similar to a standard pair; therefore, don’t expect any extra comfort.


The material that the Hanes Men’s Crew Socks rely on is standard.  You’ll find that they are made of the following materials:

  • Cotton – 47% 
  • Polyester – 45%
  • Rayon – 6%
  • Nylon – 1%
  • Spandex – 1% 

The high concentration of artificial fabrics will increase durability, greatly extending the sock’s life.


If you like minimalist branding, then you should like these socks.  

No logos or branding are visible above the shoe line.  However, Hanes does have some branding on the bottom of the sock with just a “Hanes X-Temp” logo:

Hanes Men's FreshIQ X-Temp Comfort Cool Crew Bottom Logo

Performance & Comfort

Here we’ll explore the performance and comfort of these socks.


When walking extensively in these crew socks, we found that the bottom of the footbed held up exceptionally well.  Even after a few months of testing, the socks didn’t show any signs of significant wear.  


Like the Pair of Thieves Men’s Ankle Socks we recently reviewed, the Hanes Men’s Crew Socks feature a mesh lining along the top of the sock:

Hanes Men's FreshIQ X-Temp Comfort Cool Crew Socks-Mesh Lining Closeup

This mesh lining helps to increase airflow between the toes.  By allowing an increase in airflow, sweat and odor-causing bacteria are less likely to occur.

We found that the ventilation was exceptional, with the feet staying dry even when walking for an extended period. 


From the ankle down, the Hanes Men’s Crew Socks are comfortable.  The tightly sewn fabric ensures that the socks never slip off, whether worn with a casual sneaker or a more formal Chukka boot.

However, the ribbing around the calf is very firm.  After a few hours of wearing, the socks can cause discomfort.  For reference, my calf circumference is 21”.  

If you have larger calves, you can fold down the sock to alleviate any discomfort, as seen in the picture below:

Hanes Men's FreshIQ X-Temp Comfort Cool Crew Socks- Folding Down Socks to Increase Comfort

Odor Control

These socks feature Hanes’ proprietary FreshIQ technology.  According to a 2016 press release, Hanes stated the following about FreshIQ:

FreshIQ is an antimicrobial finish that physically inhibits bacteria growth.


While hard to objectively measure, we never experienced foul odors when wearing or taking off the crew socks.


The seam along the toes is nearly flat and hardly noticeable.  The modest seam will reduce any discomfort or rubbing, especially if you plan on wearing these socks for heavy walking activities.


Here’s a quick look at how high the crew socks rise when worn with a pair of Chukka boots:

Hanes Men's FreshIQ X-Temp Comfort Cool Crew Socks - Worn With Chukka Boots

Additionally, here’s how they look from the front, side, and back:

Hanes Men's FreshIQ X-Temp Comfort Cool Crew Socks- Front View
Hanes Men's FreshIQ X-Temp Comfort Cool Crew Socks- Side View
Hanes Mens FreshIQ X Temp Comfort Cool Crew Socks Back View

Washing Requirements

No special treatment is required for these socks.  Machine wash and tumble dry.

Color Variety

The color and pattern options for these socks are limited.  We only found the Hanes Men’s Crew Socks in two colors: black and white.


The Hanes Men’s Crew Socks provide exceptional value at $12.99 for a six-pack ($2.16 per pair).  If you have a restricted budget or simply shop by value, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option available.


Overall, the Hanes Men’s FreshIQ X-Temp Comfort Cool Crew Socks are a good choice for value shoppers.  These socks score high for durability and value. However, men with larger calves may find that the ribbing is tight and require adjustment.  Lastly, the discrete branding on the bottom of the footbed is a nice touch.


  • Great value pick.
  • Mesh knitting provides airflow.
  • Features FreshIQ treatment to stop odor.
  • Never slips or slides down.


  • Tight ribbing on calves may cause discomfort.
  • Lacks arch support.

Overall Rating: 3/5

Theo Lawson

With a five-year background in men's fashion, Theo Lawson has shifted his focus to the world of socks. To him, socks are more than just a piece of clothing - they're a way to express yourself and make a statement.

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